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Water Resource Implications of Minnesota's Biofuel Development (serial)

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Free softwares

  • VPN - VPN lets you create secure connections to remote networks by creating a protected, individual tunnel for you to that remote network. VPN is required for most of the campus connections which require higher security level, ex. connecting to CFANS G drive from your personal computer. To learn more and download the application, please go to ADCS...
  • Antivirus - Symantec software is provided to all the faculty and students. It is strongly recommented that all members should install protective software. You can download a free copy on ADCS website.
  • UMcal - UMCal is a University wide personal calendar management & scheduling system. We highly suggest your activating your UMcal account and coordinating with everyone associated with the Lab.

Free softwares for students (only)

  • Matlab - if you're registered as a CFANS student, congratulations! you're qualified to download a copy of licensed MatLab for free. click to download (username and password required)


  • A Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive for Economic and Environmental Systems Analysis (CEDA3.0) User's Guide (PDF)

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we'll try to include some good articles here for additional reading.

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