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Professor Sangwon Suh received Robert Laudise Medal for Industrial Ecology

Professor Sangwon Suh was officially awarded by the ISIE with the "Robert Laudise Medal for Industrial Ecology" in the closing ceremony of ISIE 2009 Conference on 06/24/2009. This award is supported by AT&T for recognizing the "accomplished young industrial ecologists." Only one scholar is granted with this honor each year. (06/25/2009)

New book "Handbook of Input-Output Economics in Industrial Ecology" freshly released

book cover

Series: Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science, Vol. 23

Editor: Sangwon Suh

ISBN: 978-1-4020-4083-2

Publisher: Springer

Format: 884p., hardcover

Online version

The handbook covers an array of topics including the history of industrial ecology and input-output economics, material flow analysis, LCA, sustainable consumption, policy applications, energy and climate change, waste management, national accounts and statistics, and new developments in modeling and theory. Particularly, this handbook is designed to offer a comprehensive coverage on three major issues: (1) theory and method of key analytical tools and models; (2) fundamental
accounting principles and compilation of basic data; and (3) practical applications of the tools and models at various scales. First, various analytical tools and modeling techniques that are of particular importance to industrial ecology applications are comprehensively treated in this handbook, which includes hybrid
models for LCA, Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and energy analysis; physical and hybrid-unit IO models; Waste IO model; multi-regional IO models; dynamic IO model; thermodynamic analysis; linear programming and optimization techniques;
graph theory and network analysis; use of scenarios; and Structural Decomposition Analysis (SDA). Second, basic accounting frameworks and compilation of required data for these analytical tools and models are shown, which covers e.g., the supplyuse framework, resources accounts, time-use survey, Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs), compilation of environmental IO databases of Japan (3EID) and the U.S. (CEDA). Third, use of these data, tools and models for micro-, meso-, as well as macro-scale applications are presented throughout the chapters. Readers will also notice the difference in mode of writing in some chapters: for instance, some are written more as a practical and instructive guide (e.g., the step-by-step approaches for net energy analysis of Chapter 24) and some are done more as a theoretical contribution (e.g., the multistage process-based make-use system of Chapter 35).

"This handbook can serve as a one-stop reference book for both industrial ecologists and input-output economists who are exploring the other discipline" according to the editor, Dr. Sangwon Suh. This handbook is particularly useful for those who study LCA, energy and climate change policy, environmental product policy and sustainable consumption. "I wish that the readers find this handbook a valuable companion in their journey across disciplines" the editor added. (2009/05/19)

IEL received new research funding

Industrial Ecology lab received over 1 million USD grant through USDA/DOE and LCCMR on the future of biofuel, climate change and water resources. These two projects will incorporate scenarios, life-cycle assessment, system dynamics and geographical information system to envision sustainable bioenergy future. (Jan., 2009)

Professor Sangwon Suh named as a McKnight Land Grant Professor for 2009 - 2011

McKnight Land-Grant Professorship is considered one of the highest recognitions by the University. This recognition is given to junior faculty members to honor their research excellence and prospects as a scholar. See [McKnight] (Dec., 2008)

Professor Sangwon Suh named as a member for the International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)

The International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management by the UNEP consists of 19 top scholars world-wide on sustainable natural resources management. The panel members are gathered twice a year and delivers independent scientific advices to government bodies on sustainable management of natural resources. See [UNEP] (Dec., 2008)

Professor Sangwon Suh elected as the chair of the Gordon Research Conference for Industrial Ecology, 2012.

Gordon Research Conference series is one of the highly recognized conference series, and its chairs are elected by the participants of the conference. As a result of the voting after the 2008 Gordon Research Conference, Professor Suh is elected as the chair of the conference serving 2012 conference. He will serve as the vice-chair in 2010 as well. (Aug., 2008)

Professor Sangwon Suh elected as the Councilor of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE).

The ISIE is led by the President (currently Professor Roland Clift) and six Councilors. As a result of the general voting Professor Suh is elected as a new Councilor serving the society for three years of term. (Aug., 2008)


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