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Brian Walseth

Research Specialist

309 Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Bldg.
University of Minnesota
1390 Eckles Ave.,
St. Paul, MN 55108

Tel: (612) 625-8216 / Fax: 612-624-3005


I am a Research Specialist at the University of Minnesota . I am in the process of conducting the final defense of my Master's Degree in Environmental and Technological Studies from St. Cloud State University . The focus for my Master's was on the environmental policy of the Minnesota DNR and their management of fish stocks on artificially managed small rural trout lakes. I am currently working on research for the eventual completion of my Ph.D., studying alternative ethanol fuel sources from sucrose and cellulose-based feedstocks.

Areas of Interest

My areas of interest include energy and cost mitigation within industrial systems design, climate change and global warming, alternative fuels, corporate environmental management, regional soil and wetland management, and environmental policy.

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2005 Research Colloquium – St. Cloud State University: "Allelochemical Interactions: Effects of Agricultural Crops on Wetlands"

2007 E3 Conference at the University of Minnesota: "Comparative Environmental and Economic Systems Analysis of Corn Stover Logistics Options for Cellulosic Ethanol Production"

Unpublished Feasibility Study: "Sucrose-Based Ethanol: A Case Study for the Upper Midwest"

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People's Choice Award: 2007 E3 Conference

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