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There is a growing public interest and concern over potential water shortages associated with the rapidly growing industry in Minnesota. This issue is very well recognized by the state bodies managing water resources, and has prompted the EQB to initiate a water availability project. However, various actors in the field of water resources management have used different models, tools and data, which may lead to dissimilar analytical outcomes.

Policy makers and the general public wish to hear accurate, comprehensible expert opinions on this subject. As a first step, we organized this site as part of the efforts in conducting a project sponsered by Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources ( LCCMR ), focusing on the the water impliments of MN's energy demends. Relevant information has been compiled within this framework collectively for addressing the water-energy issue. Information associated with on-going research activities, application, and development in water sustainability and implications will be summarized and shared here at this site.

Thank you in advance for any contribution. We look forward to nursing this forum together with you.

For inputs and suggestions, please email the director of IEL and project PI, Dr. Sangwon Suh.