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2008/04/10/ Water Resource Implications of Minnesota’s Biofuel Development

Introduction: Water resource Implications of Minnesota's Biofuel Development (by Sangwon Suh)

Water availability and biofuels in Minnesota (by John Wells)

Estimation of ground water recharge for Minnesota over multiple spatial scales (by John Nieber)

Water use implications of biofuel development in Minnesota : Metropolitan Council water supply availability analyses (by Lanya Ross)

The future of energy and Minnesota's water resources (by Yiwen Chiu)



Metropolitan Area Groundwater Model (Minnesota-oriented)

Water Balance Model for Lake Level Simulation (WATBUD) (Minnesota-oriented)

Thermal Model: Degree Day Calculator (Minnesota-oriented)

Water - Global Analysis and Prognosis (WaterGAP) (Global model)

Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) (Basin-scale or site-scale model)

Natural Resources Conservation Service WinTR-55 (Watershed-scale model)

US Army Corps of Engineers Hydologic Eng. Center (HEC) serial models

  • HEC-1 (watershed hydrology)
  • HEC-2 (river hydraulics)
  • HEC-3 (reservoir analysis for conservation)
  • HEC-4 (stochastic streamflow generation program)

USGS Water Resources Model family (primarily watershed-scale models)


Data Sources

Global climate data

CRU TS 2.0

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (global climate simulation and data)

U.S. data

Climate data: WCRP CMIP3 climate projections

Climate data: National Climatic Data Center (NOAA)

Water data: USGS National Water Information System (NWIS)

Minnesota-based data

Climate data: Minnesota Climatology Working Group

Environmental databank: DNR Data Deli

Water Resources Data (MN DNR)

County Well Index (MN Dept. of Health)

Water Use (MN DNR Water Appropriations Permit Program)


Reference / Articles

Water Implications of Biofuels Production in the United States (The National Academies Press)

Virsual Water (Read more about this innovation)

Falkenmark, M., and J. Rockström (2006) "The New Blue and Green Water Paradigm: Breaking New Ground for Water Resources Planning and Management". JOURNAL OF WATER RESOURCES PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT, 132 (3): 129-132.


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