Water Resource Implications of
Minnesota's Biofuel Development

April 10, 2008

Alderman Hall 310, University of Minnesota , Saint Paul

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

There is a growing public interest and concern over potential water shortages associated with the rapidly growing biofuel industry in Minnesota. This issue is very well recognized by the state bodies managing water resources, and has prompted the EQB to initiate a water availability project. However, various actors in the field of water resources management have used different models, tools and data, which may lead to dissimilar analytical outcomes.

Policy makers and the general public wish to hear accurate, comprehensible expert opinions on this subject. As a first step, we are organizing a seminar where relevant experts can share their
knowledge and experience and discuss an analytical framework for addressing the water-biofuel issue.



Welcome and Introduction Sangwon Suh, Univ. of Minnesota
Water availability and biofuels in Minnesota John Wells, Environmental Quality Board
Estimation of ground water recharge for Minnesota over multiple spatial scales John Nieber, Univ. of Minnesota
Water use implications of biofuel development in Minnesota : Metropolitan Council water supply availability analyses Lanya Ross, Metropolitan Council
The future of energy and Minnesota's water resources Yiwen Chiu, Univ. of Minnesota
Expert panel discussion

Invited participants
David Mulla, facilitator

  • Members of the public are invited to stay through the presentations, concluding at 12 noon.


  • Seminar organized by:

Sangwon Suh (Industrial Ecology Lab)

Yiwen Chiu (Industrial Ecology Lab)

Laura Schmitt Olabisi (Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Initiative)


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